Foreign Settlement & Travel -Part 3

Planets and signs represent specific Directions. Based on that we can determine the probable countries that the person can travel to:

The Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have East direction.

The Earth Signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn have a South direction.

The Air Signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius have West direction.

The Water Signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have North directions.

The placement of these signs in the chart will determine the direction along with the seated planet if any and also the placement of Dasha lord….

We need to check all these and then come to a conclusion based on the strongest influence on the travel houses.

We may check the direction from the birthplace of the person…

Like signs… each planet also has its own direction: -

Sun — East directions and indicates long-distance travel.

Moon — North of North/West direction and indicates short and frequent travel. There can be long travel as well, as the moon is one of the prime significators of movement & travel.

Mars — South direction and medium distance travel.

Mercury — North direction, for knowledge acquiring or for business purpose.

Jupiter — North/East direction, for education, religious purpose to reach a higher level.

Venus — South/East direction, for pleasure and happiness or even after marriage.

Saturn — West direction, mostly for career advancement or medical treatment.

Rahu — South/West direction. There is an unknown and uncertain reason which we cannot figure out but a strong pull within is there towards foreign countries.

Ketu — West of North/West direction. With this planet also there is a strange force to cut your roots with the homeland.

That was all about the directions and let’s see the seated planets in Travel giving houses.

Any planet can give travel if they make the connection with the travel giving houses…. but

There are again several planets that naturally denote travel regardless of their lordship or house placements.

The probability of staying or traveling abroad is all depending upon the strength of the planet, its significator, and operating Dasas.

Sun and Mars have their role as significator and lord of 1st house for the natural zodiac.

~ Rahu — Rahu signifies the foreign element in the chart, something that is unconventional and out of ordinary. This one planet is enough to make a strong yoga by his Dasa, placement, transit, or even aspect to instigate the person to leave his motherland and have either settlement or frequent travel in foreign countries.

~ Saturn — It takes you away from your own people. It gives displacement or dislocation to the person with its Dasa, placement, transit, or even aspect. Especially with Sade Sati or Dhaiya comes, foreign travel is possible but it also becomes a little challenging for the person. As nothing comes easy with Saturn.

~ Moon — Moon indicates overseas travel. It has the natural tendency to keep on moving. It is the fastest planet and changes sign in 2 and a half days. It is also the lord of the 4th house in the natural zodiac being the significator of home, birthplace and also it is one of the Moksha houses. A person cannot remain at one place when there is a strong moon working in the chart with its Dasa, placement, and aspect.

~ Ketu — It has a separating element working very strongly. With its placement or Dasa and any connection with 4th house, 2nd house and other travel-related houses give foreign travel which could be sudden and challenging too.

~ Jupiter — Jupiter is a natural benefic and keeps life happy. Jupiter is the significator of luck and fortune. It is the lord of the 9th and 12th house in the natural zodiac so it becomes very important for foreign travel. Also, naturally, it is connected with your Dharma and Moksha houses. It has a spiritual and religious touch with it. It also has a connection with knowledge and education. So, when Jupiter is connected with travel it is generally with the purpose of some advancement in life where we are growing.

~ Mercury — It is also a fast-moving planet, next to Moon, and does not like to be in one place for a longer period. Mercury is a significator for short-distance travel. Also, it is the lord of the 3rd house in the natural zodiac. This house is a Kama house of the natural zodiac so a desire to have growth in business or in knowledge is there strongly. With this planet, the purpose of travel would be professional, business-related, or even for learning reasons.

~ Venus — It is a planet of happiness and pleasure. There are many people who travel just for vacation and pleasure purposes. So, it becomes a strong significator for travel. Venus is the lord of the 7th house in the natural zodiac which is considered to be Kama house so there is a strong desire to travel. At times marriage is the reason too.

~ Uranus — It gives sudden results … things change their form with Uranus connection …. With travel, our life changes completely. It is one among the generational planets that don’t have Dasha or lordship… But its role has been observed in sudden foreign travel if connected with travel planets or houses.

The planets which are malefic in nature, like Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, or Uranus give travel along with some problems and issues related to the matter connected with the signification of its lordship, placement, its depositor, or aspect that it has.

The planets that are benefic in nature, like Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus give travel with willingness, liking, and preferences. The goal is clear and the native is glad to have that travel. Generally, it brings growth at some level to the native.

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