Vastu Tips: Colors to Pick for Home Workspace

Colours and their profound effect on our mood:

There is a close connection of colours with elements and Sun along with how these colours can change our mood if used in the right manner, Which can be best utilized in the current time of pandemic and working from home to have brilliant changes and enhance enthusiasm in our routine life.

Colours can affect us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. I will be sharing some helpful tips on how you can choose the right colours for our home workspace, to create a positive and happy environment.

When we see colours, different energies are absorbed, as each colour has its own frequency and vibration.

We are constantly surrounded by a free flow of colours, through nature, the clothes that we wear and space where we live or work. Also, We are attracted to different colours, depending on our emotional and mental needs, so if you want to change your mindset…. choosing the right colour will help you.

Now, there is a close connection between colours and elements.

There are 5 elements — fire, water, earth, air, and space — in our surroundings. There is a Sanskrit verse “Yat pinde tat brahmande” meaning “All that is outside you, is within you,” The entire Universe & our body are made up with these 5 elements. Vastu is all about having balance among these 5 elements

• They are responsible for creating, transforming, connecting, & stabilizing everything around us.

• Their various combinations are the reason for the fluctuations of our physical health as well as our thoughts & emotions.

• If any of these elements are not balanced then it can attract tons of negativity at home and workspace.

• Balancing these elements in some way… is the most important solution to many a problem, be it mental, physical or emotional.

There are many ways to balance these elements and colour therapy is one among them, as each colour denote one element.

Earth is generally associated with the colours brown and green. And the direction is East.
Air is associated with blue, white, or grey. The direction is west.
Fire is often red, gold or orange. The direction is south.
Water is mostly associated with the colour blue. The direction is north.

Space holds all these elements and colours in it. And Sun is the source of all 7 colours.

If we do not receive a balance of the seven colours, our metabolism can be affected. For example, the lack of natural sunlight can cause lethargy, tiredness and depression.

Colour therapy is an alternative method of healing, through the use of colours.

We can use the right colours for our clothes, on the walls of our house, furniture, curtain, our different stationery like a pen, mobile cover, purse, shoes…any object that we are using regularly and is part of our daily routine.

There is no such thing as a good or bad colour. While colour can have beneficial qualities, the same colour can also have a detrimental effect on us if used out of proportion. Generally, too much of any colour will tip the scale.

Colours should be clear, bright or light.

Muddy or dirty colours, reflect the negative aspect of that colour. There is nothing wrong with deeper rich tones if they are not gloomy in appearance.

Now from where these colours are generating? From Sun…

The sun is the source of light also and helps to sustain life on earth. There is a direct relationship between the sun and the science of Vastu, as each direction has one colour that influences it in a positive way.

Sunlight appears to be gold in colour but it contains seven different colours — violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Each colour has a different wavelength.

Suitable colours in the right direction enhance health and prosperity. If the wrong colours are used, then, it creates stress and conflicts in the mind.

In order to ensure a balanced work environment at home, a neutral colour like light cream will help increase involvement and responsibility toward your work.

A light-yellow colour will ensure stability and good health.

Light green balances the mind, body and soul as it helps attract positive vibes. Natural shades of green symbolise life and growth.

Light gold ensures productivity and prosperity.

All dark shades like black, blue, grey are not very welcomed around your desk.

Orange enhances cheerfulness, excitement and enthusiasm to go on. People who are depressed can add a dash of orange to their workspace to develop confidence.

Yellow and even orange are the colours that are closest to sunshine and is regarded as joyful colours. So, try and incorporate it in some way at your workplace to keep up with optimism.

Then light blue aids concentration and our focus. Someone who has tensions, body pains and sleeplessness, can opt for blue-coloured walls or curtains, to get relief.

Similarly, people who do meditation and spiritual practices can use violet colour in the room for calmness.

One can also use lamps and lights of different shades, to add specific colours as and when needed.

A colour scheme that focuses on only one or two colours, can cause an imbalance in energy. It is not only the wall colour that has an impact, but also the colour of furnishings, paintings, plants and lights. So, any place should have a variety of colours in some form.

It is better to choose warm colours in any form as they are not overpowering. For example, instead of red, one can use shades of burgundy, wine, terracotta.

That’s all for colours in our surroundings! Make your life and surrounding colourful and pleasant with the rich colours in it and I wish you all well!

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